Video Gallery

The training modules are available for Community Health Workers in order to get trained and educated on maternal and child healthcare. They are interactive and enable practice-based learning. The modules are available to view and download in 2 modes - (i) Low-cost HMD-VR mode which can be viewed in any smartphone along with a cheap HMD such as google cardboard (cost - 125 Rs) and (ii) Interactive video mode which can be viewed as traditional videos but with added interactive components. The following section provides screen recorded videos uploaded on YouTube. You can download them to view in your mobile phone in both modes.

Delivery Complications

The module presents common complications during the labor and delivery process.

First Examination of Newborn

The module presents methods of conducting first examination of a newborn child.

Identifying Pregnancy

The module presents methods to identify whether a woman is pregnant or not

Expected Delivery Date (EDD)

This module presents methods of identifying expected delivery date of a pregnant woman.

Safe Delivery

This module presents methods in assisting safe delivery process.

Breastfeeding Support

This module presents methods of breastfeeding support for new mothers.

Breastfeeding Benefits

This module presents methods and benefits of breastfeeding among mothers.

Newborn Care

This module presents methods of newborn care immediately after the birth.

Live Birth Examination

This module presents methods of live-birth examination.