A mobile based peer-learning application to improve health care education and awareness and develop skillset among community health workers in India

Uses advanced HCI and VR to create interactive, engaging and memorable training content which are accessible anytime, anywhere.

Complements the existing training ecosystem in order to scale across the country as a
platform to create, learn and
share together!

Why do we need Pragati?

Lack of education and skillset

Limited knowledge and skillset of health workers in maternal and child care which results in no to less information dissemination and poorly health aware communities

Insufficient Training

Limited and unscheduled introductory and refresher training sessions result in outdated knowledge acquisition and dissemination

Non-engaging methods of training

Traditional lecture based training methods(non-visual mode) results in inability to understand complex healthcare concepts and non-engaging training sessions

Poor Sharing of Sensitive Information

Difficulty in imparting sensitive health care information (sexual wellness, family planning, etc) to community members

Lack of Contextual Knowledge

No resources to learn and share best contextual health practices amomgst the health workers


Get in the Lab and meet the team

Keyur Sorathia

Principal Investigator

Shimmila Bhowmick

PhD Scholar

Chhavi Shrivastava


Mahmuda Begum

Unity Developer

Arunima Das


Rohan Bhatia

Android Developer

Avishek Saha

Unity Developer

Khanindra Das

Field Staff

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